About Us

The One Eighty Products Story


While One Eighty Products was founded in 2007, our story began in 2004 when Lance’s daughter was having skin issues and seemed to have a reaction to everything he tried.  Although he started with very little knowledge of herbs, he began researching and experimenting and developed a product that successfully soothed his daughter's skin without any adverse effects. Lance continued his research and experimentation to solve other problems for his family and friends, and he realized that others could benefit from these products as well if he turned it into a business...and One Eighty Products was born!


Through the years Lance has worked to improve his products and get them into the hands of more and more people who are looking for relief.  We continue to manufacture our products in small batches in our own facility in Jacksonville, Florida, with the most natural and organic ingredients we can find.  We want to help you feel better now--so take a look at the chart below and see which product you should try first!  (And keep in mind that when you order a product, we'll send you a sample of our other products so you can see what you will want to try next!)  


Not every product works for every person.  We cannot guarantee perfect results for your personal situation (though you should take a look at some of our testimonials), but we promise that if you aren't fully satisfied with your experience with our products, we will refund your purchase.  So pick out a product and give it a try!