I like the fact that the product is all natural. I think this lotion is great for deep tissue but does not stay slippery long enough for the spa application. I prefer using the massage oil for the relaxing massage and this lotion for the deep tissue application. I love your products and so does my clients so 'Please' add a sweedish massage lotion to your line. Thanks

Cynthia, Jacksonville FL

I Like the none greasy feel. Great for deep tissue. Finally a lotion that gives you control with out that gritty feel and peely residue left on the client.

Cothrina, Palm Coast FL

I Love this product! No greasy residue and it's all natural!

Perry, Jacksonville FL

I love this massage oil. It gives you the glide you need but does not leave the greasy residue on the client.

Cynthia, Jacksonville FL

I have tried all the massage products and this is my favorite. I use the warming massage oil on all my clients and they love it. It does not leave a greasy residue but gives the client a warming then cooling affect. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

Jeanean, Daytona FL

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