I have sugar diabetis. I went hunting and fell down and cut my shin bone real bad. I had to go to the doctor. When I got home I put the healing salve on it for one week, and it healed up. Usually it takes 3-4 weeks to heal, but the healing salve healed it in one week. Thank God it really worked!

Travis C, Kentucky

I use the healing salve on the heels of my feet to soften them. Works great on my hands to.

Craig, Brunswick, GA

The healing salve is a must have in every first aid kit. I use it on my cuts or scrapes after I cleaned the wound. It seems to heal up over night. I love this stuff.Tim R,Houston, Texas I use the healing salve on my baby and my kids. It works great for diaper rash or just as a protector. I use the salve on all cuts and scrape's my family gets. This product is a must have.

Kara M, Jacksonville, FL

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