Insects always made a bee-line for me until I used One Eighty Product's all natural organic Bug Repellent. It protects against West Nile Virus carrying mosquitos, other flying insects plus ants, even fire ants! It's safe for children and so safe that I close my eyes and spray it all over my face. not worrying that it gets on my eyelids. The 2 ounce size is perfect when traveling.

Diana D, Orange Park FL

Try it, you'll love it! With sensitive skin, I am so particular about what I will apply and this has not only been safe for me (chemical-free), but it actually works! I can work in the yard for hours now without getting attacked by the mosquitoes. Thanks One-Eighty!

Carla K, Jacksonville FL

I travel to South Africa on business for 4 months out of a year. I always buy a case of bug repellent to bring with me. It is the only all natural product I have ever used that kept the bugs away from me during the day and at night. I have to lock up the bug repellent in my safe at the office because the locals try to take it. It really is that good.

Sohara, Orlando FL

I can finally put a bug repellent on my kids and not worry about it harming them. I even use it on my infant. Thanks one eighty

Christine M, Ocala FL

The One Eighty Bug repellent has a great smell and does not leave you feeling like you have to shower right after you apply it. I like knowing I am not putting harmful chemicals on my body and most of all it works.

Katie O, Jacksonville FL

I love One Eighty bug repellent! I can actually spray my feet and not worry about ants biting me. This repellent truly does what it is suppose to do and it is all natural. WOW!

Sue M, Jacksonville FL

I have been and professional outdoors man for thirty years and could never find a repellent that would keep yellow flies from biting me. I am allergic to yellow flies and have tried every product on the market. I tried One Eighty's bug repellent and for the first time did not get bit. I finally can do what I love and not worry about the pesty bugs around me.

Terance, Atlanta GA

My husband and I love the One Eighty All Natural Organic Products. We just recently tried the organic Mosquito Spray form One Eighty and it worked great and now I don't have to worry about all the harmful chemicals getting into our bodies or on our food!

Marvin & Barbara P, Jacksonville FL

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