I used this product for muscle soreness in the neck and shoulders which leads to headaches and noticed results right away! I also use the products on the rest of my family who are baseball players and their recovery time from muscle soreness and bruising was shortened!

M.W.Jacksonville, FL

My husband and I love the One Eighty All Natural Organic Products. The Arnica Cream is the best product we have ever used for muscle pain and arthritis pain for the knees, back, neck - I don't know what we would do without it! The Arnica Cream also works great on severe sunburn!

Marvin & Barbara P,Jacksonville, FL

I used the arnica cream after surgery and didn't even bruise. My doctor was amazed at how fast I healed. Thank you One Eighty Products

Cecil,Jacksonville, FL

I love using the Arnica Cream from One Eighty Products. I can apply the cream on sore muscles and go to work not smelling like menthol. I get total relief after using the product.

Sally M,Mellbourne, FL

The Arnica Cream works great on my legs. I seem to run into everything in my house and my legs will get bruises all over them. Since I have been using the arnica cream my bruising is minimal. I never had a product work as good as this. I am so glad I listened to a friend of mine and tried it.

Angie T,Tampa, FL

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