I use the ant-fungus on my son when he got poison ivy this past summer. I could not believe how great it worked.

Sara, Jacksonville FL

I used the anti fungus on a rash that broke out on my stomach. I used the ant-fungus salve on my stomach and in less than three days it was gone. Amazing stuff.

Linda, Orange Park FL

I have been suffering from psoriasis for the past few years now. I only have it on a few localized areas of my body, but it is pretty severe and gets progressively worse. I have tried several natural products on the market and each one helps the condition at first, but as with mainstream pharmaceuticals, they stop working after awhile. I began using One Eighty Anti-Fungus ointment several weeks ago. The change is dramatic!The scaling is minimal, there is almost no itching, pain and inflammation no longer exist! I know that without major changes in my diet, I will never rid myself of the condition, but this product has given me more relief than anything I have tried!

Michelle, Orange Park FL

The Anti-Fungus Salve has greatly improved my toenails without having to take prescription medicine. After using your products I feel that I don't have to rely on over the counter medications like I use to.

Frances, Jacksonville FL

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